Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Exploding Brian

Just in case many of you (myself included) were wondering what the BBC license fee was for I have some good news. Casting my mind back to the start of our busy calendar schedule for 2008 we began this year with our single artist showcase and first exhibition in the UK ever for Brian Wildsmith. The reception was terrific. We still have visitors coming by to acquire the highly colourful editions of Noah's Ark and St Francis.
During that event a sleek car with darkened windows pulled up outside the gallery and whisked this eminent illustrator off to some unknown subterranean destination for interrogation. Heroically Brian survived this experience the product of which can be view on BBC 4 tomorrow night November 5th at 9pm. Entitled When We Were Very Young, this is the first of three programmes exploring book illustration and will continue on the two following Wednesdays 12 and 19th November. Knowing Brian's eloquence and experience these are sure to be programmes not to be missed. Instead of exploding Guy Fawkes Night rockets, why not stay in and experience some exploding colour in the warmth of your own home.