Thursday, 27 May 2010

A Radio 4 Sunday Drama

A sunny Sunday afternoon was the perfect time, as I purred along the slow lane of the M4, to sink in to the lulling dramatisation of Paul Gallico's The Snow Goose on Radio 4. Congratulations to Michael Morpurgo for bringing this to our attention and for BBC on their gripping dramatisation. Was it a misty eye that caused me to blink, or just the wipers on my antiquated motorcar? Either way this heart-rending tale of love and heroism rescued motoroway from monotony.

As the story unfurled I pictured in my mind's eye Angela Barrett's wonderful illustrations on the wall's of our gallery, which added much to my enjoyment. The ensuing Open Book discussion and interviews which followed were lively with comment and anedotes from Mariella Frostrup, Michae Morpurgo and Elizabeth Jane Howard. Still to be found on BBC iplayer, I recommend an evening with the wireless by the fireside.