Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Art of John Lawrence and Celebration of the publication Wayland

The Art of John Lawrence
Celebrating the publication of Wayland

18th September - 12th October 2013

John Lawrence at Illustrationcupboard Gallery, signing copies of The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman

John Lawrence’s bold yet intricately expressive engravings have transformed Illustrationcupboard Gallery into a world of adventure and romance. Our celebration of his art exhibits his work from several books, including Treasure Island, The Once and Future King, and His Dark Materials. Rare and wonderful watercolours for Watership Down can be seen, too. Pride of place, however, is taken by his latest collaboration with Tony Mitton, bringing to life the ancient Norse myth of Wayland the Smith in a new retelling.

Fairy-tales and myths thrum with an undercurrent of danger and risk, and John and Tony have powerfully foregrounded this element in their work, intensifying the appeal of the story for both children and adults. Wayland is an experience which will stay with you a long time.

We are delighted that both illustrator and author will join us tomorrow evening for the launch of Wayland. In anticipation of this exciting event, have a look at John’s superbly evocative illustrations, pictured below and available to view online: www.illustrationcupboard.com

Wayland stood firm, Vinyl engraving, 210 x 330mm, £750

Out of the lands far North, Vinyl engraving, 190 x 220, £450

Bright wonders for folk to behold, Vinyl engraving, 185 x 125mm, £350

John Lawrence is a formidable artist, respected by his peers, publishers and collectors alike. Widely recognised as one of the greatest working engravers, his talents have led him to receive the Victoria and Albert Museum's prestigious Frances Williams Illustration Award twice along with a host of other international accolades. His work appears widely across the world in public and private collections, including the V & A in London.

As John approaches his eightieth birthday, Illustrationcupboard Gallery is delighted to host a striking solo exhibition for this wonderful artist. Celebrating the publication of his latest book, Wayland ( a collaboration with author Tony Mitton), we shall showcase the technical prowess as well as the imaginative range of his illustrative oeuvre. There will be drawings from the original illustrated Watership Down as well as more recent wood cuts and engravings produced for Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island and Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. This stunning selection from John's work will provide a unique insight into the artist for collectors and enthusiasts interested in the art of engraving.

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