Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Winter Illustration Festival 2011

Mince Pies and Mayhem: Many thanks to all who came along on Saturday to our 'Winter Illustration Festival'. A packed event was full of excitement as the queue for signing books ran across the top floor down the stairs and to the door. Relaxing classical guitar courtesy of George added a calming element to the family frenzy as mince pies and other seasonal delicies rotated.

Our thanks to Andersen Press for supplying us with Elmer goodies to entertain in the children's corner which was a huge success! The colouring in Elmers have certainly re-assured us that there are plenty of budding illustrators to come.
Congratulations to Bethan from Cambridge too, who was the lucky winner of our raffle for Amnesty International, and gets a publisher's signed proof of a page from Shirley Hughes's 'Christmas Eve Ghost'. Can't wait for next year ...