Monday, 2 February 2009

The Great Blizzard of ' 09

It is not often that I allow myself the luxury of walking to the gallery on a Monday morning, and less common to find myself shin-deep amongst fresh powder snow in St James's Park. However these are strange days and rare times which future generations will reverently refer to as the' the great blizzard of '09'.
With the inspiration of the great Captain Oates in mind, I was indeed 'sometime' in arriving at my destination. It was nonetheless a very pleasant journey witnessed by a fine array of recently constructed snowmen adorning the snow-cloaked avenues of Hyde Park. I was however slightly disconcerted to be overtaken on no less than two occasions, once by a downhill skier sporting a fine pair of carving skis crossing the cricket pitch in Holland Park, and latterly by a snowboarder who narrowly missed me as I passed by Buckingham Palace.
A somewhat unusual morning.