Friday, 14 October 2011

Happy Birthday to Robert Ingpen!

Happy 75th Birthday to Robert Ingpen.

Congratulations to Robert Ingpen on reaching a milestone birthday, and all of us here at the gallery would like to be amongst the first to wish him another very happy 75 years. A native Australian Robert has become one of the world's most respected living book illustrators, and it has been a delight, pleasure and honour to work with him these years exhibiting his truly breathtaking artwork here in London.

Favourites of ours include the Jungle Book, Peter Pan as well as the wonderful Christmas Carol which was the focus of a single artist exhibition in the autumn of 2009. An illustrator not only loved by his public but greatly revered by his peers, Robert is one of those artists who has championed the skill, talent and exquisite technical ability of classical drawing to bring the Fine Art of of illustration in to the 21st century healthy, robust and strong. The amber nectar awaits!