Thursday, 18 June 2009

Congratulations to Anthony Browne

Congratulations to Anthony Browne who has become the latest Children's Laureate. Anthony Browne is one of the greatest and surely best-loved illustrators of the modern era, whose books are known throughout the world and whose artwork hugely admired.

I have been very fortunate to have known him through a family connection with publishing since I was a child, and first recall meeting him sipping tea around our kitchen table at home in what I then considered to be a distinctly gorilla-like fashion.
Since starting ‘the cupboard’ in ‘95 he has always been an enthusiastic supporter and I am delighted to have worked with Anthony for over a decade representing him with his original artwork at our events and exhibitions. We all wish him every success in the task ahead, and confident that his informative discussion and all-encompassing charm will herald a successful and rewarding stewardship of this post.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Shaun Tan in London

With the advent of The Ashes test cricket series only weeks away Australians are very much in the field of play this summer. As befitting this forthcoming sporting event we were excited by the prospect of the book-launch and evening reception for Shaun Tan. This rapidly rising star is proving to be a veritable Dennis Lilee of the book illustration world and as such is taking the globe by storm.

Having just completed his run-up with a tour of the US, Shaun arrived at the crease hot-foot from a sun-soaked Hay Festival book signing and was no less mobbed at our evening reception. Courtesy of Hodder Children’s Books and Templar Publishing the chilled drinks circulated and the crowd spilled out on to Bury St. in a carnival atmosphere. With perfect delivery Shaun spoke a few well-chosen words to the hushed and expectant crowd, and backed-up well in exemplary fashion fielding a lengthy queue of visitors keen to spend a few moments with this talented and engaging artist.

Although the over came all too soon, and now basking back in the pavilion of a Western Australian winter we have continued by turning a brief match into an ongoing series - Shaun kindly produced four original pastels for us (£1250) based on his published books, as well as producing a selection of fine limited giclĂ©e editions (£295) which are hanging in the main gallery here at Bury St. until 21 June. These can be viewed or purchased directly from our website at Signed first editions of the latest book Tales from Outer Suburbia are also available for £12.99. Without having to labour a silly point these represent a terrific bargain.

(Above: Shaun Tan chats with Shirley Hughes at the reception photo courtesy of Mara Ferreri)