Thursday, 13 December 2012

Article in The Independent newspaper

On Saturday, the 8th of December 2012, the article 'Illustration: The old favourites that are now a big draw' about the Illustrationcupboard gallery by Nick Duerden featured in the Observations section with Arts in the Independent newspaper.

It reads:
 'How much would you pay for an original Mr Benn, a Mr Men or even a Charlie and Lola? For the next two months, visitors to the Illustration Cupboard in London will have the opportunity to relive some of their favourite children's illustrations, but also, if their pockets are deep enough, to purchase them.
"Nostalgia is definitely part of the appeal", says the exhibition's curator, John Huddy. "A lot of our clients come back year after year because they see things they remember from their own childhood and recall it with such affection they want to pass it onto the next generation."
Children's illustration is an area that has been long under-appreciated in the art-world, but no more. Much like vinyl is enjoying a comeback in a world of downloads, so the drawn line is looking even more appealing in the digital age.
"About time too," Huddy says. "Britain has been a world-leader in picture books for decades now. I'm glad it's finally been acknowledged."
As a consequence, such works are becoming recession-proof investments. But it's not an entirely exclusive exhibition: while a Maurice Sendak lithograph of Where the Wild Things Are (the originals are in a museum) could set you back £5,000, there are works here that start from a mere £75.'
The 17th Annual Winter Exhibition, Illustrationcupboard, London SW1, (

Thursday, 6 December 2012

New illustrator George Butler

We are delighted to welcome the incredibly talented George Butler in this year's Winter show.

George Butler is an artist and illustrator specialising in travel and current affairs. His drawings, done in situ are in pen, ink and watercolour. In August 2012 George walked from Turkey across the border into Syria, where as an unofficial guest of the rebel Free Syrian Army he spent 4 days drawing the civil war damaged, small and empty town of Azaz. These drawings were reproduced by the Times, the Guardian, and reported on the BBC and CNN.

However, his sense of adventure does not stop there - since leaving Kingston university, drawing has taken George around the world, depicting the oil fields in Azerbaijan, soldiers in Afghanistan, reconstructive plastic surgery, G20 riots, the New York Fire Department and Asian Elephants. Amongst several London based solo exhibitions, his work has been exhibited in the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours exhibition at the Mall Galleries, 2008, 2009 & 2011 where he won the June Stokes Roberts Bursury twice and the Winsor and Newton Young Artist's Award.

Below is the artwork 'Market' which is on display at the gallery. This beautifully detailed piece was chosen for the front cover of the G2, August 2012.

Visit George's artist's page for more artwork and information:

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Olivia Lomenech Gill - Where My Wellies Take Me - New Etchings

Olivia Lomenech Gill visited the gallery and brought two more of her beautiful etchings for our 17th Annual Winter Illustration Exhibition. Olivia illustrated Where My Wellies Take Me by Clare and Michael Morpurgo which has been flying off the bookshelves at Illustrationcupboard since the launch in September.

Below are some of her stunning paintings, etchings and drypoints framed by Vincent Lomenech. (

For prices and further information have a look at Olivia's artist page on our website.
Special edition books are £45 and artwork is available from £350 upwards.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Winter Illustration Festival 2012 with Simon Bartram

We had a wonderful cosy Winter Festival this year with Simon Bartram's Bob, Man on the Moon celebrating his 10th birthday. Simon read from his newest book Bob and the Moontree Mystery. George Tarlton joined us again to fill the gallery with the lovely sounds of his guitar. Rocket cake was shared, alien balloons were blown up and Simon signed a mountain of Bob books (get your signed copies quick!)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Alexis Deacon's new book and artwork Croc and Bird

Alexis Deacon stopped by the gallery yesterday to sign copies of his latest enchanting book, Croc and Bird. Each signature is accompanied by a beautiful illustration. Books are £10.99 and can be purchased on our website or by calling us here at the gallery on +44(0)207 976 1727.

'Side by side on the sand sit two eggs. When the brothers hatch, with a crack and a rip, out come a bird... and a crocodile! But a bird and a crocodile can't be brothers - can they?'

We are showing the original artwork for the book here at the gallery, in our 17th Annual Winter Illustration Exhibition which continues until January 31st 2013.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Congratulations Niamh Sharkey - Ireland's New Laureate

Congratulations and our warmest most heart-felt best wishes to the wonderful Niamh Sharkey, on her election as Laureate na nÓg - the Children's Laureate for Ireland. 

This is only the second time this medal has been awarded, and we can think of no greater author/illustrator than Niamh to take on this prestigious and impressive role. Niamh was presented with a medal by Michael Higgins, chairman of the Arts Council for Ireland last month, and we wish her every good fortune in this role for the next two years.

One of our best-loved artists here at the gallery, we have always been an enormous fan and shown her superb artwork in exhibits here for over a decade. Her meticulous oil on gesso paintings produced for  her best-selling books are captivating, many of which now reside on the walls of a number of our finest collectors. In October 2008 Niahm came over to London for her first one-man show here in Britain which was an great success. The exhibition of artwork for Cinderella was both magical and bewitching, and one of the most exciting events we have held to date.

We wish her all the very best, and hope for a swift return to  our shores to enchant and engage us again very soon!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Well done to Jane Ray and Caroline Royds along with all the volunteers at the
St Mary Magdalene Asylum Centre in North London. Having approached us last year with an idea to raise money for this small centre, assisting political refugees integrate in the Britain, I was delighted to join the cause and see what we could muster. Needless to say the response from the many illustrators they wrote to for donations was truly impressive. Lovely work came in from all quarters and even from those not contacted!

A wonderful mixed exhibition of artwork was well attended by not only our regulars but many who came to support, including lively visits from the refugees presently at the centre. Healthy enthusiasm resulted in donation from sales for almost £4,500 which was terrific, and has exceed all expectations. Our thanks to all the artists who contributed. We are delighted to have been part of such a worthwhile event, initiated by the true altruism of two fantastic people.