Saturday, 29 August 2015

20 Years of Guess How Much I Love You

Anita Jeram is a British institution, known for her ability to capture the anthropomorphic nature of the farmyard and fluffy, that entices the whole family.

We are thrilled to host Anita Jeram celebrates 20 years of Guess How Much I Love You, from 5 August – 5 September 2015.  Anita has released the last remaining artwork from her archive to celebrate 20 years of this world-famous book.

The exhibition is now in its final week, and judging by the numbers of visitors the IllustrationCupboard has received during that time, Guess How Much I Love You has an allure that is still as strong today as it was when Jeram first penned the two Nutbrown Hares 20 years ago.  Thank you to all those who have visited the gallery for the exhibition, and tweeted and called with interest.

It’s amazing how the relationship of two hares can be shown so clearly through the uncluttered drawings that Jeram presents in her books.  The preliminary drawings with their flowing black lines are as striking as the full colour originals that fill the pages of the Guess How Much I Love You books, show off Jeram’s skill with watercolours.

Jeram has also been flexing her talents in new and exciting ways, and we are proud to be able to showcase a number of rabbit, hare and bunny explorations that see Jeram using different techniques such as monoprint:


and even turned her hand at silk painting, as demonstrated by this beautiful handmade silk scarf:

All of which give a different feel and demonstrate the breadth of her artistic skills.  

There is no doubt that her collaboration with writer Sam McBratney is a fruitful one that we hope will continue for many years to come.  Thank you Anita for sharing How Much I Love You with us!