Thursday, 18 June 2009

Congratulations to Anthony Browne

Congratulations to Anthony Browne who has become the latest Children's Laureate. Anthony Browne is one of the greatest and surely best-loved illustrators of the modern era, whose books are known throughout the world and whose artwork hugely admired.

I have been very fortunate to have known him through a family connection with publishing since I was a child, and first recall meeting him sipping tea around our kitchen table at home in what I then considered to be a distinctly gorilla-like fashion.
Since starting ‘the cupboard’ in ‘95 he has always been an enthusiastic supporter and I am delighted to have worked with Anthony for over a decade representing him with his original artwork at our events and exhibitions. We all wish him every success in the task ahead, and confident that his informative discussion and all-encompassing charm will herald a successful and rewarding stewardship of this post.


H.- said...

I´m from Argentina, and this post caught my attention because i'm a father of two children and we have some Browne's books. Among them, an amazing spanish version of King Kong which is my 8 year old son's favorite, and "i love books" (in english), my 3 year old daughter's favorite. Plus some of the "Willy" series. Mr. Browne is a great artist and i want to thank him for giving us the posibility to gather our family around a book every night.

Sorry about my english. It's not my mother's tongue.Hope you can understand my words the same.



Illustration Cupboard said...


Muchas gracias per la mensaje. I am glad to hear that Anthony Browne is a favourite of yours, and I will be sure to pass that on to him when I see him for sure. I hope his and other books will continue to delight you and your family in the future. How lucky to be in Argentina, it is the most beautiful country!

Sorry for my spanish, your english is far better. Cuidate. John