Friday, 2 October 2009

"That went as well as could be expected, didn't it?"

For two decades the iconic heroes Wallace and Gromit have been chasing diamond thieves, wrestling sheep rustlers, hunting lycanthropes and foiling 'cereal' killers. It was time for a party.

As so it was a great pleasure to host Nick Park last Tuesday evening here on Bury St., at a celebration for twenty years of Wallace and Gromit. A packed and enthusiastic crowd filled both floors of the gallery as Nick chatted easily to film makers, collectors and children alike as the plates of Wensleydale rotated through the crowd.

Our thanks to this charming, fascinating and busy gent who so patiently sat and signed copies of the new book The Art of Wallace and Gromit (Egmont) and available at the gallery £20. The 20 year celebratory exhibition of Nick's artwork will run throughout October and features original watercolours, working storyboards, figurines as well a special edition silk screen print signed and numbered by the artist. A must-see for all Wallace and Gromit fans and ideal for a family visit, a journey to this event can only be described as truly a grand day out.

Above; Nick Park signs his new book.


Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Hi there,

Have just discovered your blog after receiving your email newsletter, good to read back through some posts. And a real coincidence as I was just re-hanging the Jane Ray painting I bought from you a couple of years ago this afternoon. (Just moved house).

You probably won't remember me but I used to have grand ideas about having some of your picture book work on loan for my nursery shop in the midlands - Cottontails. We talked about it a few times but it just didn't seem to happen.

Anyway, sadly the high street shop closed last year BUT we are now going strong online selling lovely French and Danish toys. I've always had a link to the Illustration Cupboard on my site on my website.

Anyway, good to have discovered the blog, I will be back!


HugoHotopf said...

I was one of those lucky people to have their book signed by the most wonderful , gentle and modest of illustrator/animators.He signed it with such a sweet dedication of encouragement to my 13 year old. It is something he will treasure when he himself is film making in the future.

Caroline Holden-Hotopf