Thursday, 15 November 2012

Alexis Deacon's new book and artwork Croc and Bird

Alexis Deacon stopped by the gallery yesterday to sign copies of his latest enchanting book, Croc and Bird. Each signature is accompanied by a beautiful illustration. Books are £10.99 and can be purchased on our website or by calling us here at the gallery on +44(0)207 976 1727.

'Side by side on the sand sit two eggs. When the brothers hatch, with a crack and a rip, out come a bird... and a crocodile! But a bird and a crocodile can't be brothers - can they?'

We are showing the original artwork for the book here at the gallery, in our 17th Annual Winter Illustration Exhibition which continues until January 31st 2013.

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Emmeline Illustration said...

Ah gorgeous! I love Alexis' work - it's so inspiring.
I'm in London soon, I'll try to pop in!