Monday, 22 September 2008

Who do they think they are?

What do you like?

Congratulations to the House of Illustration with their new exhibition entitled What Are You Like? at the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Inspired by a victorian parlour game many of the best-known illustrators and some interesting celebrities have drawn images expressing themselves and their favourite things. I particularly enjoyed Brunce Ingman's colourful representation and was intrigued to see Eric Clapton's graphic artistic talent.

Hosted by the superbly elegant Dulwich Picture Gallery I would heartily recommend a visit to this fascinating show. How refreshing to see our leading illustrators sitting cheek-by-jowl alongside many of the most stunning old masters of the past five hundred years!


jane1 said...

Hi, Iam currently writing my dissertation on the similarities and differences between fine art and illustration, are they seen as equal or is illustration still seen as a lesser art form? any feedback would be appreciated.

illustrationcupboard said...

Not the first time this question has been raised. I am sure that the Dulwich exhibit will throw some light on this topic for you.

It seems to me that it takes both Goldfish and Koi to make a Japanese fishpond.