Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Lord of all he surveys

I was much looking forward to Tuesday morning with a visit by the masterful John Vernon Lord and the prospect of seeing the original artwork for his new version of Alice in Wonderland to be published by Dennis Hall in January. The excellent recent article in Illustration magazine gives us a tempting and fascintating insight into John's work, and this further opportunity was manna from heaven.
John's original work is superlative. We spent a happy morning turning the pages of his portfolio viewing this extrordinarily imaginative and detailed drawings. As a further bonus John had also bought along his sketchbooks and pouring over these revealed fascinating view into the, dare I say, brilliantly eccentric creativity of this truly great artist.
We are wildly excited as we will be working with John on exhibiting his work for the very first time in the new year and showing this unique work from Alice.
Apart from anything it sounds like a great excuse for a tea-party.

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